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Teacher Presentations

Below is a list of presentation slideshows and other documents that were used to support teacher talks in the NUFS Professional Development Sessions. These supporting documents are placed here for the reference of teachers that attended the presentation. 

Diagrams in ELT

Chris Ziffo

Using Strategic Interactions in Core English

Taylor Meizlish

Creating Classroom Rapport through Communication

Danielle Lott

Certified Peer Reviewer Course

Naoya Shibata

Story Circles

Jessica Zoni Upton

Critical Discourse Analysis

Chris Ziffo

KOTESOL Presentation Experience

Lidija Elliott & Miriam Vasquez

COVID-19 Pandemic & Social Well-being

Lidija Elliott

Intercultural Communication Competence-orientated FL Teaching

Fern Sakamoto

Essentialism & Language Teaching

Nicholas Bradley

Learners' Beliefs about Error Logs

Jane Hislop & Chris Lear

Language Anxiety and Oral Assessment

Peter Lyons

Brain Science and Physical Activity

Jason Walters

Interviews on English Learning in Xinjiang

Eric Gondree

Culture and Language Learning

Lidija Elliott

Disruptive Personality Types in the Classroom

Allan Goodwin

Improving Students' Grammar through Error Logs

Chris Lear & Jane Hislop

Word Prominence

Peter Lyons

Culture in Teaching: Experience over Training

Nicholas Bradley

Corpora in the Classroom

Henry Troy

What Makes a Good Teacher?  - The Development of Teacher Identity.

Mina Hirano

Critical Incidents in EFL Classes

Jessica Zoni Upton

The Language Café at Lunchtime

Peter Lyons

Group Dynamics in EFL

Eric Hirata

Reviewing ELT in the Japanese Context

Allan Goodwin

Music in the Classroom

Miriam Vasquez

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