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2024 Teacher Development Symposium

Teaching Language and Culture in Sync: Pragmatics, Globalization and Multilingualism
- Noriko Ishihara

Practical Professional Development: Empowering University Educator Teams.
- Nicholas Bradley & Jason Walters

Using Rubrics in the EFL Creative Writing Classroom.
- Camilo Villanueva

Incorporating Culture and Elevating the Level of Cognitive Processes in Vocabulary Assessment.
- Katalin LeBleu

Training EFL Learners to Recognize Language Strategies.
Taylor Meizlish

Word Associations in Vocabulary Instruction.
- Chris Ziffo

Successful Implementation of L1 Use in the Classroom.
-Alison Koga

Exploring In-Class Peer Check Strategies for Uncovering Global and Local Writing Errors.
- Frid Joanis & Mark Guthrie

Communicative Grammar and Differentiated Teaching in the English Class: Students' Perspective.
- Ana Aran Sanchez

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