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Teacher Articles

This page offers a selection of articles written by NUFS teachers for the journal titled Bulletin of Nagoya University of Foreign Studies.

Full reference details can be found within the pdf.

The Self-Learning Log: A Tool for Aiding Learners’ Autonomy, Confidence, and Motivation

Mina Hirano & Jessica Zoni Upton, 2022

Social Well-Being in the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Quantitative Analysis of Japanese University Student Survey Responses

Lidija Elliott, 2022

Incorporating Novels into Communicative EFL Classrooms – Learning Through Literature

Niall Walsh, 2022

Learning Vocabulary with SkELL: Developing a Methodology with University Students in Japan Using Action Research

Henry Troy, 2022

Critical Thinking in EFL Classrooms:
Effects on Learner Motivation, Autonomy, and Belief

Wan Jung Amy Lin, 2021

Online Learning During COVID-19

Lidija Elliott, 2021

The Use of Cooperative Learning to
Enhance Communication Skills

Eric Hirata & Jared Peo, 2021

A Process of Development and Lessons Learned: Transferring Core English from the Classroom to Online

Nicholas Bradley, 2021

Teaching Reading Skills to English Language Learners

Lidija Elliott, 2021

Integrating Critical Incidents in the Language Classroom

Jessica Zoni Upton, 2021

A Case Study of Language Acquisition and Its Motivation in a University of Foreign Studies in Japan with Gender Perspective

Toshio Asai, 2021

Perceptions of Teacher Identity

Mina Hirano, 2020

Business Writing: Designing a Course for the Third Year Writing Program for the Center for Language Education and Development

Miriam Vasquez, 2020

Teaching Collocations to EFL Students

Lidija Elliott, 2020

Peer Review Instruction in the EFL Classroom

Steven Charles, 2020

Developing a Course in Journalistic Writing for NUFS Students

Henry Troy, 2020

Motivating Factors for Insertional Code-Switching of Japanese into English by L1 English-Speakers 

Peter Lyons, 2020

The Use of Virtual Reality to Reduce L2 Speaking Anxiety

Chris Lear, 2020

The Core English Programme in the Schools of Foreign Studies and World Liberal Arts

Nicholas Bradley, 2019

Evaluating the Use of Data-driven Learning to Teach Phrasal Verbs

Henry Troy & Neil Millar, 2019

Digital Literacy through Presentations at the University Level in Japan

Etienne Marceau, 2019

The Place of Creative Writing in an EFL University Curriculum

Iain Maloney, 2019

Developing Peer Review Skills through the Use of Rubrics in EFL Writing

Steven Charles, 2019

Disciplinary Content Knowledge and Description: An Introduction to Golebiowski's Framework

Allan Goodwin, 2019

Student perception of Topic Selection and Impact on EFL Writing Theory

Eric Hirata & Jeremiah Hall, 2019

The Strengths and Weaknesses of Native & Non-native Speakers in TEFL

Jonathan Hacon, 2019

A Survey of Developing L2 Academic Writing Confidence through Topic-orientated Research

Eric Gondree & Alem Mohammed, 2018

Error Correction Strategies and the Japanese University Context

Nicholas Bradley, 2018

Student Vs Teacher Feedback in L2 Writing

Steven Charles, 2018

The Creative Nonfiction Genre and some Connections to ELT Theory

Allan Goodwin, 2018

Narratives from an Excursion to Grapesyard School in Korogocho Slum, Nairobi

Eric Gondree et al., 2018

Teaching History through Music: A Practical Approach for Content Courses

Etienne Marceau, 2017

Role Shock and First-year University English Classes in Japan

Allan Goodwin, 2017

An Evaluation of the Approaches to Feedback in ELT

Benjamin Filer, 2017

Compromise in Materials Development

Nicholas Bradley, 2016

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