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There is no best method in teaching. Education is a both an individual and social endeavor that involves countless variables for consideration. The teachers that really make a difference are those who are flexible, sensitive and in possession of an awareness and appreciation of different ways to learn and teach. Effective teaching is about selecting the best way based on the learning goal, the needs, experiences and idiosyncrasies of students, and the context in which it all happens. Ultimately, this means that teacher development is an on going process.


Professional development sessions at NUFS are weekly events. Every week a teacher brings to the group a presentation of their current research, an activity they have developed, a report of recent research, reflections on their own teaching, a dilemma in teaching with a request for support, or simply raises an issue in the profession for debate as a group. If teachers are considering their profession and continually being exposed to new ideas and perspectives then ability and awareness will grow. The group nature of professional development also fosters a  environment of collaboration and mutual respect that has a positive washback effect on all other areas of professional activity. 

Dr. Nicholas Bradley

Associate Professor

Director of the Core English Program

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