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                Information for Presenters


Each presentation room will be equipped with a projector and screen. A laptop computer will also be available for use. You are free to bring and connect your own computer using the HDMI cable provided.

Rooms will be audio capable and Wi-Fi will be available. However, we recommend bringing a presentation that does not depend on Wi-Fi or an internet connection. Videos, audio and other media should, ideally, be imbedded into your presentation beforehand. 

Best Practice

The following are a few rudimentary points to consider when preparing for your presentation/workshop.


  1. Clearly introduce your presentation – Please tell the audience who you are and why you are presenting what you are presenting.

  2. Time matters – Presentation/Workshops are 25 minutes or 1 hour. They cannot be extended. Please practice and time your presentation to check that it is less than the allotted time. For all presentations and workshops, we recommend finishing at least five or ten minutes before the end. This will ensure your presentation does not go over time and disrupt the next presenter. Time keepers will indicate when you are nearing the end of your time.

  3. Questions – Finishing early will also guarantee that you have time for questions. Time for audience participation and questions is important and beneficial for both audience and presenter.

  4. Handouts – Will you prepare handouts to support your session? If so, will you give them at the start, end, or during your presentation. Some handouts can distract more than inform during a presentation, so consider when you will give it as carefully as what you will give.

  5. Consider your audience – Make it easy for the audience to get your point and follow your session. Avoid talking when the audience has to read, using excessively complex charts and so on. Consider your session from the perspective of the audience.

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